Day One and Welcome

Hi all,

Been a long time since I blogged. Probably looking at close to 5 years. Life happened but I used to achieve my goals fairly well when I blogged. Probably because it was a place for me to collect all my thoughts, reflect and then make the changes I needed being fully informed.

This blog is going to be primarily about my journey to lose 20kg before my wedding in 5 months, but will also be about my ongoing health issues, my relationships and just general thought content.

Brief introduction:

I'm 26.

I'm an Occupational Therapist.

I'm from an Indian family, my partner is European and some of the things I find challenging are the cultural differences between our families. But generally we have a pretty good relationship with most people from both sides.

I've always been fairly athletic. I had a eating disorder in high school until I was about 20. I spent a few years getting my mind set into a healthy place, suffered a multiple back injuries, ended up depressed and in the space of 4 month gained 20 kg, then gained another 10 over the last year and a half. I continued to be active for the most part, but its really now a matter of getting my eating right. I've spent too long 'compensating' for the years I didn't enjoy my food, and unfortunately its had a really negative toll on my body. I'm now considered obese (I'm 5'10) and although I generally don't look it, I'm definitely overweight and defnitely struggling with the same issues that media loves throwing out there.

Also, its a bit hypocritical if I'm working in healthcare as someone who teaches other people to use strategies to manage their conditions to live a meaningful life. Ai ai ai....

I have myfitnesspal which I love using... when I'm on track. I've been educating myself all week while being sick on what fitness models etc eat like to maintain their bodies... and I've learned that I have done it before (several times) but my mindset was based incorrectly.... this needs to be a permanant lifestyle change.

So my plan starts here. I've done my grocery shop and have everything I need for the next 2 weeks. 

I have made a plan from Monday to get back to the gym and alternate days between cardio and weight training (as I was previously doing both, then overdoing it, because 2 hours at the gym 4x days a week after work is pretty unsustainable). I would like my cardio to be a 5km run but as I've had a respiratory illness and a flare up of my asthma this week, I am planning to run 3k and walk 2. Hopefully the following week I'll get back to 5. 

My weight training programme has been all set by a PT after my health assessment was done a month ago. 

I have figured out my morning routine eating wise is great, its the afternoons, evenings, and weekends that are my downfall. Because they aren't as strictly planned. But now they will be, just waiting for my protein powder to arrive so I can have that as my 3pm craving buster and also as a pre-workout. Dinners just have to be sweet potato, broccoli and chicken for 6 nights a week over the next 5 months.

Dedication, discipline, determination.

Heaviest weight this year: 108kg

Goal weight: 78kg

Current weight.... 102.6 at last weigh in last week.

Exactly 23 weeks to go....I have to lose approximately 1kg per week.

Doable. Keep consistent. Eat clean. Avoid the sugar, fatty and proccessed stuff.

I think I can do it.

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